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Turnagain Twilight

Turnagain Twilight

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This is a beautiful panoramic of mountains in the Alaska range that run down the Turnagain Arm opposite the Seward Highway.  The photo was taken just prior to sunrise in late December of 2022 and the wonderful purplish light was a combination of blue light reflecting off the water and the orange from the rising sun. 

This is a gentle, peaceful picture that represent the quiet and beauty of an Alaska winter morning!

This photo is only available in a set of three panels - either three 10 x 10 or three 20 x 20 panels - printed on aluminum.  Each panel will be signed and series number on the back, while the right-hand panel will be signed and series numbered in the lower, right corner. Each panel also comes with a mount on the back so that you can easily mount it to almost any wall. 

This photo/panel set is limited to 250 total prints, regardless of size. Each photo/panel set will be personally signed and numbered by the artist. 



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