Open for Business!

Now open - my new web site that offers my fine art photos all in one place!

Some things to know:

- Photography has been a long-time passion of mine.  I first started with 35mm SLT photography in the 70s. I also spent countless hours in the darkroom back in the day, honing my skills in composition with light.

- Aerial photography interested me, as well as aviation.  When I saw some of the results from modern day drones (and after watching my son-in-law fly around a DJI Air in Alaska), I was hooked on the newer technology.

- My first capable drone was a Mini 2.  I was able to take some great photographs with it (March of the Sunflowers is one). The name of this drone is Drony McDroneFace

- I knew I needed a FAA Part 107 remote pilots license to share my work commercially. So, I studied at the end of 2021 and passed the test in Janurary of 2022.

- About that time, I upgraded to a DJI Air 2S.  It is a very capable drone with the 1" camera sensor.  The name of this drone is 'airy McDroneFace.

- Every photo I sell is personally inspected after production. I sign and number them after they pass quality check and before they are shipped to you. Quality takes time, so the production process takes about 2 business weeks from ordering to delivery.

- That's it for now! Welcome to the sight and I hope you find something that you like; or better yet, something that make you feel! Thank you.

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